Monday Meanderers Group Visit

July 12, 2015

Eleven members of the Monday Meanderers gathered at Summer Star Wildlife
Sanctuary on sunny and pleasant Monday morning. This group is a collection of
outdoor enthusiasts that gets together and hikes trails in central Massachusetts.
They represent many towns and cities in the region: Acton, Burlington, Clinton,
Holden, Medway, Sterling, and Worcester in this instance.

Upon entering the beautiful trailhead house, the group was introduced to Shalin Liu,
founder and benefactor of Summer Star. After a short question and answer session,
the group viewed the art gallery, with works from local artist George Herman on

Mike Crowley then led them into “the cave” where a live feed from Tufts veterinary
school raptor rehabilitation cage was shown on a large projector screen.  There was
a Red-tailed hawk in the Shalin Liu Rehabilitation cage, which put on a show for the
group, flying repeatedly across the cage as a vet student walked below.

Jesse Koyen introduced the group to the Tree room and they loved the open feeling
of the room, even more than the blueberries on the green roof.

Having completed the tour of the Trailhead house, Jesse led the group out on the
South Terrace and onto the trail. Mike followed as a sweeper and both Summer Star
staff members’ highlighted unique natural wonders along the trail.

On the upland trail there were many young American Toads and everyone had to
step carefully. The American Chestnut blight was discussed, as well as Indian Pipe,
Witch-hazel, identifying old logging practices, and Oven-birds.

The entire group stood on the large rock at the end of the trail spur at Wrack
Meadow Brook and later marveled at the little Beaver dam that was recently built
just downstream. Along the trail that was recently flooded due to this dam, many
Green frogs leapt out of the way as the group walked along the rocks.

Everyone was smiling and happy to see the Trailhead house as they finished the
walk. The group gathered in the Studio and discussed their personal highlights
while they ate lunch. The Monday Meanderers enjoyed their trip into Nature at
Summer Star and were thankful for the experience.

Jesse Koyen, Summer Star Wildlife

Green Frog

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