Freedom Chair Graced Summer Star’s First Anniversary

What better way for Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary to celebrate our one year anniversary than by hosting our first visitor to take advantage of our brand new MIT graduate designed and environmentally friendly FREEDOM CHAIR.

On the eve of our anniversary, a gorgeous day outside, there came in a group of eight of families and friends who inquired about the FREEDOM CHAIR. One of the friends– a lovely lady–would benefit from the FREEDOM CHAIR to enhance her trail walk experience into the woods. She didn’t talk much, yet she understood me when I was talking with her. The group went into the woods and finished the whole Easy Trail where blueberry bushes and ferns are abundant along the loop. My two staff members and I were so happy and thrilled to see them back all flashing smiles after a good workout! It was quite emotional for us.  The next day, we had our very first anniversary, and I feel nothing would beat that heartwarming moment when we watched the group of families and friends come back from the trail.

We have many friends and colleagues to thank for while completing our first year of nature services. Besides our supportive allies and enthusiastic nature loving visitors, I thank all Summer Star team members:  Brian Rivotto, Ben Goldman, Barbara Wand, Jim Black, Steve Siroonian, Craig Buttner, Rick Johnston, Dan Stimson, Mark Pokras, Flo Tseng, Kyle Engbers, Mike Carpentier, Kaki Martin, Chip Dewing, David Chase, Jim Pavlik, Laura Mattei, Lucy Gertz, Lisa Mattei, Sharon Komarow, Jordana Schreiber, and frontline staff Wilson Acuna, Christina Chen, Liam Hart, Jesse Koyen, and Mike Crowley.

Shalin Liu

Photos by Craig Buttner

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