Summer Star Wins ENR’s Best Small Project Award

On November 12, 2015 at the Seaport Boston Hotel and World Trade Center in Boston, Engineering News-Record New England held the ENR Best Projects Award Breakfast to honor this year’s winners. Summer Star’s Trailhead House was chosen as the winner of the Best Small Project award. Read an excerpt from ENR below.


“Given the sanctuary’s mission to preserve the natural environment, the project team integrated nature into the building’s design and construction. Along with the limitations of a tight 3,000-sq-ft footprint and the need to protect the surrounding two acres of forest, the building twists and turns with the landscape. The use of 3D modeling helped the project team coordinate between different disciplines and preview the effect of structural members and framing patterns.

The building’s structural complexity required equally complex and customized construction details, including the handcrafted timber framing and custom-cut cedar detail installation on the building’s interior and exterior. The 30-foot-tall Tree Room’s exterior glazed walls—comprised of vertical steel—are held plumb by exposed wood, not steel, as in typical construction.”

Photo credit: ENR/Jean Hangarter
Photo credit: ENR/Jean Hangarter

The entire Summer Star Team is grateful for this wonderful recognition.

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