A Brave Bird Finally Flying Home Thanks To Tufts Wildlife Clinic Friends

Photo by Liz Kernan

Barred owl W161661 was admitted on July 11th 2016. The owl was a young of this year. The primary problem was an open (bone exposed) humeral fracture (a long bone in the wing). The wing was surgically repaired by Dr. Maureen Murray on July 13th 2016. Many weeks followed to ensure the fracture was stable and healing properly. Once the fracture had healed decreased range of motion presented in the wing. Dr. Murray performed physical therapy on the wing. The barred owl then moved through various sized enclosures. The owl was flight tested multiple times and moved to the Shalin Liu Healing Cage where it was conditioned for release. After 94 days of care at the clinic, the owl was released at Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary on October 11th at 6pm.


Written by Jess Zorge of Tufts Wildlife Clinic. Video by Chris Powers Tufts Wildlife Clinic.

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