Monday Afternoon Delight


Summer Star team had the pleasure of offering the environmental education trail walk to the nice church group of thirty visitors from the towns of Boylston and W. Boylston. Ron McAdow was the trail walk leader. Our photographer was Craig Buttner. The achievement we have reached was helping children to learn about the importance of protecting nature and wildlife while having fun outdoor with their best friends.

Shalin Liu










From Ron McAdow:

“Monday was a fun “think fast” challenge—children of different ages. They were interested in everything and quite cooperative—when we all hushed and listened, there wasn’t a peep from any of them. Just the sound of wind in the trees. Which we all enjoyed.

When we crossed the little brook that goes under the trail, we traced its path to the sea: it flows to Wrack Meadow Brook, North Brook, Assabet River, Concord River, Merrimack River, and into the ocean.

Afterward I wished that I had said: ‘This brook is so little it forgets its name every night. We have to give it a new one every day! Who could suggest what we call it today?’ I will try that next time I have young children. It strikes me as a funny way to connect kids, in imagination, to the landscape they are in.”                             (June 19, 2017)

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