Great Horned Owl Release July 13, 2017

Please click this link to see our video of the owl’s release
Video Credit: Eric Lin

Photo Credit: Emily Eaton

“Jess Zorge, TUFTS Wildlife Clinic Assistant, brought in the Great Horned Owl and had her released into the woods. This owl was a female and was big and beautiful! She was released near the beginning of our trail. When she took off, instead of flying high she made a sharp right turn –spreading out her long feathered wings flying silently low and fast. She picked up her speed heading into the woods and within no time she was gone. When she picked up speed flying fast, right away a smaller bird came out of nowhere quickly started chasing after her and both of them just disappeared.

We had TUFTS faculty and a few friends took very nice pictures. One friend recorded a video. It was really fun because a news reporter from the local newspaper came out and watched the whole thing with us. He interviewed Jess and he took pictures too. I am confident that this story of the Great Horned Owl reclaiming her freedom shall hit the newspaper next week and we will all read it! –Shalin”

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