A Winter’s Walk through Summer Star 2/22/2019

Walter Bickford described a walk that he took recently through Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary®:

“I took a two-hour meander through Summer Star and back around through Wrack Meadow to the sanctuary headquarters. As was the case last Friday, there were ample deer tracks where the rascals were browsing on the shrubs in the yard, after which they walked around the lower side of the building and straight back through the sanctuary, eventually heading into the swamp to the west.

An otter had slid down the brook that crosses under Linden Street just west of the entrance and on down through Rainville’s pasture. There were quite a few fisher tracks crisscrossing the sanctuary, and it looked like there was a territorial fight. I saw a couple of skunk tracks. There was a feline track on Rainville’s land, but I think it was too small to have been made by a bobcat. More likely a house cat. No birds. Not another human track. Beautiful day.

Thanks, Shalin, for preserving that interesting habitat.”

Below are some photos from Summer Star’s Nature Notes featuring the wildlife at the sanctuary. You can find more photos here: https://sites.google.com/view/nature-notes/home

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