At Summer Star

Here are a few pictures from Summer Star:

Blue sky above the oak trees and pines

Photo Credit: Craig Buttner

Rain garden in the morning

Photo Credit: Zac Durant

I met a nice woman last week and I told her I would send a picture of a wild flower that I took on the Summer Star property. After reviewing the image, I was not satisfied with the quality. But I went back this morning and took a different photo.

-Zac Durant

Purple Iris

Photo Credit: Craig Buttner
Photo Credit: Craig Buttner

fly snowy fly

Photo Credit: Maureen Murray
Photo Credit: Maureen Murray

A snowy owl was brought to Tufts Wildlife Clinic at Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts University from Logan Airport in early April with lacerations and bruises on both wings. Its wounds were treated and bandaged by veterinarians, and the owl was provided pain medication and supportive care. The veterinarians monitored the owl’s progress, transferring it to a small flight cage for initial rehabilitation when its bandages were removed in mid-May. On Friday, May 24, the owl was cleared for rehabilitation in the larger Healing Cage, where it has been continuing to rebuild its strength in hopes that it may soon be returned to the wild.

-Tara Pettinato

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