Linden Street Gallery Art Show: “Tom Murphy Brings Yellowstone to Summer Star”

Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary Presents:

“Wild Nature: The Source of All Life and the Cradle for Its Survival”

January 25th – July 25th 2020

Photograph by: Tom Murphy

“The silence is so clear I can hear my own heart beating. The stars are so bright and thick that I can travel with only their light. The shadows cast by a full moon pull my curiosity. Wildlife seems surprised to encounter me out in their winter world, and I wish to reassure them that all I want is an understanding of their lives, not a disruption of their own journey.”

– Tom Murphy

The Art Show Opening Reception for Wildlife Nature Photographer Tom Murphy from Yellowstone National Park will be on Saturday, January 25th, 2020 and on Sunday, January 26th, 2020 starting at 2pm at Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary in Boylston, Massachusetts.  We would like to welcome you to attend this special event.   Please email Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary at to register.

Seats are limited. Our policy is first come first serve. Parking will be limited at Summer Star parking and also along Linden Street in Boylston.

During the reception, we are not only viewing the art exhibit, meeting with Tom Murphy, enjoying the Hors D’oeuvres, there will also be talks and slide show. One talk —about Yellowstone National Park’s mission, its history and its future —will be given by Yellowstone Forever Vice President of Education Robert Petty along with Yellowstone Education Program Manager of Yellowstone National Park, Beth Taylor. The second talk and slide presentation will be given by Tom Murphy himself!

Comments from Guests

“Hi Shalin, What a fantastic event yesterday! I know you and the staff must be exhausted but you should all be proud of the work you did.”     —Brian

“Thank you for hosting such an enjoyable set of talks this weekend, we had a wonderful time meeting everyone and seeing Tom’s inspiring work. Thanks for all you do.”   —Dan

“Good morning Shalin, what an absolutely wonderful reception at Summer Star last Saturday. I can’t thank you enough for including Debby and me. You and your team thought of every last detail to make the event so special. Tom and your speakers from Yellowstone did a marvelous job presenting the compelling stories about the natural wonders of the park. I hope to return to the exhibit with friends of mine who are interested in landscape and wildlife photography. Thank you so very much.”    —Chip

“Karin and I want to thank you for the marvelous gallery opening and slide shows. Tom Murphy’s art is extraordinary and the juxtaposition with the slides/discussion of Robert Petty and Beth Taylor were illuminating. I did not realize the role that art played in the formation of the park.Marvelous too how the setting sun at this time of year enhanced the presentations both visually and aesthetically in the Tree Room. That was a brilliant idea. Karin and I had a good conversation with Tom about the difference between animal art, landscape art, and the kind of animals-in-the-landscape art that he creates. His art is so distinctive in this respect. If Robert and Beth are ever back out, I would love to sit down with them and explore more about the ethics and policy dimensions of their education programs. I suspect there are opportunities for broadening their education outreach that will strengthen the public commitment to Yellowstone National Park and the greater Yellowstone region without putting them in the cross-hairs of politics.
Thank you again for this experience.”
      —Cheers, Bill
“Dear Shalin,  thank you so much for hosting the beautiful event and photography of Tom Murphy. I deeply appreciated getting to attend the wonderful talks, see the show, and learn more about your incredible vision and work. It was a privilege and joy to be at Summer Star this past weekend. I have passed on information about your inspiring space to a number of friends and colleagues in the Boston area. Thank you.”      —Eileen

“What a wonderful weekend! You have done it again, this time with an expanded program linking the new art exhibit and an educational program on Yellowstone at Summer Star and a visit by Yellowstone to Robinson Middle School. It was also nice to see Thad King and Dan Sargent. Congratulations!”    —Barbara

“Joe and I enjoyed very much the reception and program on Sunday at Summer Star.  We found Tom Murphy’s work to be superb. No wonder you are so praising of him and his artistry! It was also interesting to hear about Yellowstone National Park and to see pictures of the landscape and other highlights of the park. Thank you very much for the invitation to a special afternoon.”       —Helen

“My son, Alex, and I attended the reception on Saturday. It was wonderful! Thank you so much for your hospitality. Everything was perfect. I have added Yellowstone to my to-do list! Thank you again.”  Anne Julian

“Dear Shalin, thank you for another wonderful event at Summer Star Trailhead House. We enjoyed viewing Tom Murphy’s stunning photos. The presentations by Tom and the Yellowstone rangers were interesting and informative.And the drinks and refreshments were absolutely delicious! Thank you for your hospitality and kindness.” —Warmly, Dmetro and Dotty Kormeluk

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for inviting Thad and I to such a wonderful event! We both truly enjoyed the entire experience. Walking onto the property and seeing both the impressive Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary building and  “Humble Castle” in the midst of the peaceful forest immediately hinted that we were in for something special.
Walking around inside and observing both the incredible architecture and Tom’s amazing photography was a real treat. The food was delicious and the folks we met were kind and interesting.
 I especially enjoyed catching up with an old friend, the person who you originally worked with to make this dream project a reality. And how could I forget spending a brief few moments enjoying a beer with you both outside on an unseasonably temperate January afternoon.
All three presentations were spectacular. The speakers were a wealth of knowledge and the images they shared were awe inspiring. I was blown away by the beauty of both Beth’s slide show and the accompanying narrative. They perfectly captured the aura of Yellowstone- something not easily achieved with words and photos.
Thank you very much for inviting us to take part in this beautiful day. You and your team did an incredible job and I feel fortunate to have been there.
I also wanted to thank you for your visit on last Thursday. The students were so happy to see you again and to relive their wonderful experience. They truly love spending time with you.
Thank you for everything.”


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