A Quiet and Splendid Spring at Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary

Morning Snow Changed the Landscape – Early Spring Sunlight | Picture: Haley Fong

A Not So Ordinary Early Spring Day

Summer Star welcomed a small group of children age between six to seven years old. Summer Star team met the teachers and families at the parking and we prepared the group walking up the hill in silence while using the five senses to get to learn the surrounding. Of course, that silence did not last all the way to the top of the hill.

Once the children entered into the Tree Room of the sunlight-filled green building with high ceilings and open view, we all sat respectfully with social distancing. The nature themed education program started right there. Teachers discussed about nature, we were looking at the old forest right in front of us, our thoughts were around the wonder of the wildlife, we could feel the fresh air breezing in through the open doors.  The second part was the Beaver Pond Trail Hike. The children experienced deer track, Wrack Meadow Brook, Beaver Dam, and they saw some old tree stumps that were created by beavers earlier in the year. The treats are the music in the woods from the streams, we listened to the birds and the soft sound of the wind and leaves brushed against trees.  

When the children came back to the Tree Room, they saw our artist was working on positioning his artwork on the wall. Naturally, conversation started, the children started asking questions about the artwork, about the wild rivers in North Maine, and about what solo canoeing was like and what “solitude” meant. Then the children toured Trailhead House, from the Earth Roof, Rain Garden for reusing rain water, solar panel, compost toilet, keeping focusing on how to limit human footprint to keep earth clean, to learn about LEED Certificate and the architects try to always consider to put environmental health first.  It turned out to be such a happy day, in the end, every kid was expressing what they thought and how they felt, even parents shared with us how much appreciative they were and they would like to give us a hug to thank our team for the great time well spent at Summer Star.

What a Beautiful Gift in Late Spring – Picture: Sean Clancey
Performance recorded at Shalin Liu Performance Center

Photos: Dan Stimson

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