Gilles Vonsattel

“Music in the Woods” Series Concert May 22, 2022

Musician’s Feedback

 “The performance space at Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary seamlessly blends immersion in the natural world with the concert experience. For this program, I chose music from composers whose creations seem to be extensions of nature itself, whether through exploration of sensations, imitative sounds, or, in Bach’s case, a devotion to higher powers. Playing and hearing this music at Summer Star has a special kind of simplicity and purity. Thank you for creating such an evocative space for music!”

 Gilles Vonsattel       May 29,2022

Guest Feedback

“A wonderful afternoon”
Dear Shalin,
Gail and I thank you for a wonderful afternoon visiting your spectacular wildlife sanctuary and listening to the Pianist Gilles Vonsattel Concert. What could be more pleasant?
If ever you need me to help in any way at Summer Star, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Sincere regards,
Walter and Gail Bickford May 24, 2022

“ Shalin,
Thank you for the invitation to hear Gilles perform. It is a rare opportunity to hear live music in such an intimate setting and the acoustics in the Tree Room were brilliant. His description of the pieces and how they have been transcribed for the piano was of great interest.
We had a wonderful experience and are most appreciative. Wishing you a relaxing, enjoyable summer.
Warm regards, P & P “

“ Shalin,
I thought yesterday’s concert was amazing – musically Gilles was wonderful, his comments added so much to the performance, and he is such a wonderful person. Truly a marvelous experience.
Stephanie W. May 23, 2022 “

“Dear Shalin,
Yesterday’s concert was a memorable experience as always. Gilles Vonsattel was absolutely inspiring. Thanks for including me.
I was also amazed at the FRAGRANT pink rhodos in the garden. I wasn’t familiar with those.
I thought you might enjoy the attached watercolor I did in the woods last week. When I say I want to do MORE work, it is painting I refer to. Or gardening. My two passions. My ideal day is to be in the woods painting. Interesting how Debussey was such a visual person. I am inspired to read more of his writings.
Enjoy your summer. Thanks again.
Sue May 23, 2022 “

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