Summer Star® Wildlife Releases

Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary partners with The Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University and its Wildlife Clinic to release rehabilitated wildlife into their natural habitats. In an effort to ensure that certain wildlife will continue to thrive in the most favorable native environment, each release is carefully planned in order to accommodate the specific wildlife for a successful reintroduction into nature. Besides consideration for the location and the habitat environment, there are other factors for the Vet School to consider such as:

(1 ) Suitable temperatures. Especially in winter weather.

(2) The time for release needs to be favorable for the specific species. (An owl, for example, needs to be released during dusk. That is their “morning time”, the time for the owl to look for a new safe location for itself).

(3) A particular season. The season needs to be timed appropriately in order for certain wildlife to engage in their migration process. Otherwise, the wildlife needs to stay at the Wildlife Clinic until the next appropriate season.

Wildlife Release Activities

March 19, 2015 Red-Tailed Hawk Release. Wildflower Meadow 10:00 am

Please click here to watch the release video

“The release of the red-tail hawk was deeply meaningful to me.  It was a bright, crisp morning there in the forest.  I tried to write about it but found it difficult to really capture the experience.  When Liam identified the red-shouldered hawk I was elated, thrilled to see and experience the three birds in one frame – 2 red-tailed hawks and 1 red-shouldered hawk together waiting for the drama to unfold.  The red-tailed hawk and the red-shouldered hawk flew away, one appearing to chase the other and then the healed bird spread its wings to full span and swooped away in the other direction.  It was wonderful to see – a healed bird released back into nature.  It was a morning of sublime quality.  Thanks for having the event at Summer Star!”

L.Engbers, Whitinsville, MA