Trailhead House

Photo By Chris Christo
The Trailhead House is Designed to Celebrate Nature

Summer Star’s environmentally-designed Trailhead House models sustainability and engagement with nature.  With a Living Building Challenge “Gold Rating,” the building is a threshold to the natural world, with sustainable building materials, composting toilets, and the rooftop Earth garden.

From the entrance journey along a meandering path through the wildflower meadow, we invite you to enjoy the wildlife gardens and habitats, and to learn about the woodlands and wildlife protected and supported here.  In and around the Trailhead House, there are niches for observing birds and butterflies, for listening to rain dripping down the melodic rain chain and flowing into a rain garden, and spaces for reflection.

Linden Street Gallery

Linden Street Gallery instills an appreciation for the reflective and contemplative experiences of nature by engaging its viewers through gallery exhibitions, talks by artists, and other dynamic programming. The gallery nourishes the spirit by providing a unique perspective of the reciprocal relationship between humans and the natural order. Summer Star celebrates the interdependencies and reciprocities among people and all aspects of the natural environment. We are one.

The Gallery will feature up to four exhibitions each year.  Exhibitions planned for the 2014-2015 season:

  • Fall 2014: Landscape Naturalism in New England (Joyce Dwyer, artist)
  • Winter 2014-2015: Malcolm Wells, Underground Architect
  • Spring 2015: Landscape Abstracts in New England (George Herman, artist).

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