Upcoming Events at Summer Star

Summer Star Wildlife®


“Wild Nature: The Source of All Life and the Cradle for Its Survival”

Photograph by: Tom  Murphy from Yellowstone National Park


JANUARY  25TH, 2020  TO  JULY  25TH  2020




“The silence is so clear I can hear my own heart beating. The stars are so bright and thick that I can travel with only their light. The shadows cast by a full moon pull my curiosity. Wildlife seems surprised to encounter me out in their winter world, and I wish to reassure them that all I want is an understanding of their lives, not a disruption of their own journey.

-Tom Murphy



  1. I represent the Senior Group at Christ Lutheran Church in West Boylston. We have visited your beautiful site in 2015 and would like very much to come and visit again in May, 2017. Can you advise what would be the best time for our group of approximately 14 to come when you have an art exhibit. Not all of our group would be able to walk the trails but last time they sat on the deck and enjoyed the surroundings. I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you in advance. Carol Jorgensen

  2. Are there any more places available for the Growing Up Wild Professional Development Workshop?

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