Upcoming Events at Summer Star®

Summer StarSummer Star Wildlife Sanctuary Presents:

Exploring Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary and the Lives of Beavers


Assistant Director of Stewardship at Sudbury Valley Trustees,

Dan StimsonDan Stimson

July 9, 10am-12:30pm

Join us for a walk along the 1.5 miles of trails at Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary. We will discuss the habitats found at the Sanctuary, as well as the wildlife that call it home! We’ll take time to explore the beaver ponds found along Wrack Meadow Brook and talk about the ways in which beavers shape their environment, and how the changes they cause affect other wildlife species.

Free event, but registration is required. Email us at info@SummerStarWildlife.org Space is limited.

Ladt Slipper
Lady Slipper

Summer Star™ Linden Street Gallery presents:


\bre-ko-lazh, bri-\
Construction (as of art or literature) achieved by using whatever comes to hand

by Brenda Cirioni

March 4 through June 27, 2017
“Blue Door”

Artist statement: My art stems from growing up on a dead end dirt road surrounded by woods. There I experienced a deep connection with the natural world. Through mixed media painting I explore the tension between nature and the elements, destruction and regeneration, exuberance and impermanence. My art speaks about power, grace and transformation in a world of uncertainty.

The found materials in my paintings are a way to feed into this cycle of renewal. These bits of paper, wrappers, fabric, and various oddments allow me to give new life to trash that would otherwise be in a landfill. As in life, with each scrap I use – when it’s gone it’s gone.

My method of layering and juxtaposing disparate materials draws attention to the multiplicities and mysteries of nature and life.

“Old Tree”

Biography: Brenda Cirioni’s childhood shaped her worldview and her art. She came to understand the world by exploring the woods surrounding her home which was located at the end of a dirt road. Landscape is her subject matter, not to represent it but rather explore the feelings and emotions that come from being part of the natural world.

In 2012 an event triggered a memory of her home being destroyed by fire. A structure emerged in her paintings, sometimes licked by flames others engulfed in a raging fire.Viewing Cirioni’s barn paintings leaves one with a tug of incertitude–how can something so tragic also be seen as beautiful and breathtaking? Perhaps this is the exact emotion she is trying to convey. Cirioni wants us to see both the destruction and the regeneration, a celebration of nature’s insurmountable capabilities that will forever trump those of our own.

Cirioni has exhibited throughout the US. She currently has work in a traveling BYU exhibition Beyond Structure: Representations of the American Barn. She’s exhibited in Boston and Metro West galleries, Attleboro Arts Museum, Danforth Museum, deCordova Museum, Fitchburg Museum and the Berkshire Museum. Her work can be seen at Renjeau Gallery, Natick, MA, Three Stones Gallery in Concord, MA, Fountain Street Fine Art, Framingham, MA Gallery North Star in Grafton, Vermont and Portland Art Gallery, Portland ME.

Her work is in corporate collections at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Fidelity Investments and Carroon and Black Insurance Co. in Boston, as well as other institutions and private collections across the country, including the Wrigley family collection. Cirioni’s painting Dickinson’s Hope hung in the office of Governor Deval Patrick. And now resides in his collection.

Cirioni graduated from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.


  1. I represent the Senior Group at Christ Lutheran Church in West Boylston. We have visited your beautiful site in 2015 and would like very much to come and visit again in May, 2017. Can you advise what would be the best time for our group of approximately 14 to come when you have an art exhibit. Not all of our group would be able to walk the trails but last time they sat on the deck and enjoyed the surroundings. I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you in advance. Carol Jorgensen


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