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Winter – Spring Wildlife Tracking at Summer Star

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David Brown – Naturalist

The brief snow cover that easily reveals the passage of animals is gone, but the thaw has softened the earth and created mud, both of which record tracks. In addition animal droppings hidden beneath the snow are now revealed along with other ‘sign’ such as scrapes, chews, scent marks and burrows that can tell us not only that certain species were present but also what they were doing. This is ‘eco-tracking,’ relating the animal sign that is found and identified with its habitat: why was it here and what was it doing?

An indoor slide and cast presentation of about an hour will acquaint you with some of this sign. Following a lunch break, we will walk the trails of Summer Star for another hour or so looking for, identifying and interpreting wildlife sign while discussing the ecology of the Summer Star landscape.

Tracker-naturalist David Brown has been studying wildlife evidence for 30 years and is the author of two books on animal tracking as well as a set of portable identification cards.

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Raccoon Tracks Observed

March 29, 2020 Sunday, 11am to 1:30pm

Trailhead House, Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary

690 Linden Street, Boylston MA 01505

Phone Number: 508-869-3434

Register by emailing to info@summerstarwildlife.org

Summer Star Wildlife®


“Wild Nature: The Source of All Life and the Cradle for Its Survival”

Photograph by: Tom  Murphy from Yellowstone National Park


JANUARY  25TH, 2020  TO  JULY  25TH  2020




“The silence is so clear I can hear my own heart beating. The stars are so bright and thick that I can travel with only their light. The shadows cast by a full moon pull my curiosity. Wildlife seems surprised to encounter me out in their winter world, and I wish to reassure them that all I want is an understanding of their lives, not a disruption of their own journey.

-Tom Murphy



  1. I represent the Senior Group at Christ Lutheran Church in West Boylston. We have visited your beautiful site in 2015 and would like very much to come and visit again in May, 2017. Can you advise what would be the best time for our group of approximately 14 to come when you have an art exhibit. Not all of our group would be able to walk the trails but last time they sat on the deck and enjoyed the surroundings. I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you in advance. Carol Jorgensen

  2. Are there any more places available for the Growing Up Wild Professional Development Workshop?

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